Machine learning for beginners: Popular techniques & algorithms

Machine Learning is all about using computer systems and applying statistical techniques and algorithms to identify patterns in data, learn from it and provide data-driven trends, predictions and decisions.

Machine Learning Algorithm Selection Cheatsheet
Machine Learning Algorithm Selection Cheatsheet

Machine learning algorithms have two flavors: Supervised learning and Unsupervised learning.

We researched a bit on the machine learning algorithms widely used and here are they – grouped by techniques:

Logistic Regression
Naive Bayes
Support Vector Machine
Decision Tree

Multiple Regression
Support Vector Machine

Attribute Importance
Minimum Description Length

Anomaly Detection
One-Class Support Vector Machine

Enhanced K-Means
Orthogonal Partitioning Clustering
Expectation Maximization


Feature Selection and Extraction
Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Principal Components Analysis
Singular Vector Decomposition

Machine Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning Algorithms
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