This Week in Machine Learning & Data Science (Aug 7, 2016) – Weekly roundup

Here’s our weekly roundup – curated list of articles published this week – on Machine Learning and Data Science. Hope you find it useful – please don’t forget to subscribe!

  1. Flight Delays Prediction with Apache Spark MLLib
    Data Flow
    Data Flow

    In this article, David Taieb presents a solution that uses weather info from Weather Company Data for IBM Bluemix and combines it with flight history from to build a predictive model that can forecast delays.

  2. Patient Readmission Prediction Using Amazon Machine Learning
    In this post, Ujjwal Ratan shows how to apply advanced analytics concepts like pattern analysis and machine learning to do risk stratification for patient cohorts.
  3. The Evolution and Core Concepts of Deep Learning & Neural Networks
    In this guest post, authors explain the core concepts of deep learning i.e. about backend calculations that result in enhanced model accuracy, modelling tips and a sneak peek into the history of neural networks.
  4. Boosting Algorithms in Machine Learning as a Metaphor for Diverse Teams
    In this blog post, the author documents how boosting ensemble algorithms in Machine Learning use an approach that is similar to assembling a diverse team with a variety of strengths and experiences.
  5. TensorFlow – Not Just for Deep Learning
    A Glance at Its Machine Learning Building Blocks and Collection of Algorithms
  6. Release of Sparkling Water v2.0,’s API for Apache Spark
    Sparkling Water - Development Setup
  7. Real-world data cleanup with Python and Pandas
    In this article, Jake Kara writes about why we can’t trust our eyeballs to validate data;
    how to develop a conversion function and test it along the way; how to use regular expressions to convert strings that match a known pattern.
  8. Machine-Learning Algorithm Combs the Darknet for Zero Day Exploits, and Finds Them
    The first machine-based search of online hacker marketplaces identifies over 300 significant cyberthreats every week.
  9. This startup uses machine learning and satellite imagery to predict crop yields
    Johnson’s startup, Descartes Labs, relies on 4 petabytes of satellite imaging data and a machine learning algorithm to figure out how healthy the corn crop is from space.
  10. Facebook Built an Algorithm to Fight Clickbait. Will It Save You the Right Click?
    Facebook has developed software to identify clickbait headlines by analyzing their text. The software will be incorporated into the company’s News Feed ranking system to downgrade posts whose headlines appear to be manipulative or misleading


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