This Week in Big Data Analytics (Jul 10, 2016)

July 10, 2016 admin 0

Here’s our weekly roundup of articles related to Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science. Hope you find it useful – please don’t forget to subscribe! All the Apache Streaming Projects: An Exploratory Guide [Learning Spark] This article attempts to help customers navigate the complex maze of Apache streaming projects by […]

Learning Path To Become Data Scientist – Step by Step Guide

July 9, 2016 admin 2

There’s an interesting Q&A in Quora on ‘How can I become a data scientist?’. We’d like to summarize the learning path recommended by Alex Kamil, one of the most viewed writers in Quora on Data Science. We provided some useful links for you to follow up on each stage/step: [Here’s a report on how […]

This Week in Big Data Analytics (July 3, 2016)

July 4, 2016 admin 0

Here’s our weekly roundup of updates on Big Data Analytics. Hope you find it useful – please don’t forget to subscribe! 2016 Hadoop Summit @ San Jose, CA (Jun 28 – 30) Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.4.0 GA released Supports Apache Hadoop stable 2.7.1, Pivotal HD 3.0, Cloudera CDH 5.7, Hortonworks HDP […]

This Week In Big Data Analytics (June 25, 2016)

June 25, 2016 admin 0

Here’s our roundup of articles relevant to Big Data Analytics published last week. Hope you find it useful – please don’t forget to subscribe! Realtime Event Processing in Hadoop with NiFi, Kafka and Storm – Three Part Tutorial Series (HortonWorks) Shows how geolocation information from trucks can be combined with sensor data […]

Java-based WebSocket Client/Listener using Tyrus

June 23, 2016 admin 0

Here’s an example on building a Java-based websocket client or listener that listens to the stream of RSVP notifications from at using Tyrus, a reference implementation of JSR 356, Java API for WebSocket. Websocket IETF defined WebSocket as a protocol to provide asynchronous, full-duplex and bi-directional communication/messaging between the server […]

Simple word count program using Java 8 – Imperative vs Functional approach

June 22, 2016 admin 0

Here’s a simple example to count the word occurrences in a given string. This presents two approaches. One is a classic imperative approach of iterating through words and keeping track of occurrences in a Map. Another is a functional approach using Java 8 streams.

Here’s the output:

Apache POI: Stream-reading large xlsx-type excel spreadsheet

June 21, 2016 admin 0

We tried to load a large spreadsheet file of type .xlsx (hundreds of MBs) for an analytics project using Apache POI’s XSSFWorkbook and we were constantly getting Out of Memory exception. We realized POI read the entire spreadsheet in one go resulting in higher memory usage and hence the exception. We looked for POI interfaces that’d […]

Running a single node Couchbase server using docker

June 20, 2016 admin 1

Couchbase Server, earlier known as Membase, is an open source, distributed NoSQL document-oriented database with shared-nothing architecture. It exposes a fast easy-to-scale key-value store with a managed cache for sub-millisecond data operations, purpose-built indexers for fast queries and a query engine for executing SQL-like queries. In the parlance of Eric Brewer’s […]

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