Selecting a right Machine Learning algorithm for predictive analytics needs: Classification vs Regression vs Clustering

July 27, 2016 admin 3

An interesting cheat sheet (a nice infographic!) was published by Microsoft sometime back to help beginning data scientists on how to choose a Machine Learning algorithm for different predictive analytics needs: Classification (to predict categories), Clustering (to discover structure), Regression (to predict values) and Anomaly Detection (to find unusual data […]

Learning Path To Become Data Scientist – Step by Step Guide

July 9, 2016 admin 2

There’s an interesting Q&A in Quora on ‘How can I become a data scientist?’. We’d like to summarize the learning path recommended by Alex Kamil, one of the most viewed writers in Quora on Data Science. We provided some useful links for you to follow up on each stage/step: [Here’s a report on how […]

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